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The NFL is ditching Roman numerals for Super Bowl 50

Straying from the usual tradition of using Roman numerals for the Super Bowl, something we've all become accustomed to seeing, the NFL has decided to roll with normal numbers for Super Bowl 50 in 2016.

If you're wondering why, just imagine how "Super Bowl L" would have sounded. Since "L" is the Roman numeral for 50 that's how it would have played out if the NFL stuck with tradition. Thankfully, they decided to go in another direction because "Super Bowl L" simply sounds funny. Going with "Super Bowl 50" seemed like the logical choice, other than an alternative like "Super Bowl XXXXX", where the accidental omission of a few X's would have been disastrous.

It also would have taken the world's best graphic designer to come up with something catchy tying together the Vince Lombardi trophy, the San Francisco skyline, and the Roman numeral "L".

Darren Rovell helped push out the new wording and logo moments ago. Just a reminder; Super Bowl 50 is scheduled to be played in San Francisco in 2016.