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The nicest HS football stadium in America won't host games this fall


A few months back officials at Allen HS (TX) closed down their brand new $60 million stadium due to concerns stemming from extensive cracking throughout the stadium concourse.

The cracks ranged in size from a quarter of an inch to nearly an inch in width and have ultimately forced community leaders to deem the stadium "not safe for public assembly". That means no true home games for the program this fall.

Below is a picture of the visible cracks laid out on the blueprint of the stadium, courtesy of The Dallas News. There are visible cracks everywhere, just imagine the damage underneath everything that you can't see.

The defending state champs will now have to travel to neighboring Plano for their home games, and not only pay $5,300 per game, but they will also have to sacrifice the sale of season tickets for this fall.

The crown jewel of high school football stadiums was approved back in 2009, and officially opened in 2012 only to be shut down back in February due to the construction concerns. According to the Dallas News, fixing the stadium could take six to eight months.

“The district is more than committed to getting that done as quickly as possible. But at the same time we’re not going to put a Band-Aid on it.” school board President Louise Master stated.

The companies responsible for the construction of the stadium originally agreed to place $1 million in an escrow account as a sign of good faith to cover the repairs, and hoped that the 2014 football season wouldn't be affected. However, some of that money has failed to make it into the designated account because of red tape with their respective insurance companies.

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