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The officiating crew from the Duke-Miami game has been suspended two games


Following Miami's 8-lateral play to knock of a top-25 Duke squad, public outcry via social media reached a fever pitch pointing out everything from the pitch that should have been called down, to the block in the back / side, to the player running on the field with helmet in hand well before the runner reached the end zone.

Even after the nearly 10-minute review of the play, the call on the field stood, and the flag was waved off.

It was a lot to take in, and in the hours that followed, everyone has been asking if they got the calls right.

After the game, David Cutcliffe urged the ACC to look into that final game-deciding play, and moments ago the league just came forward with their decision - the entire officiating cre, replay official and communicator have been suspended two games.

A total of four errors were made on the final play.

Below you can see most of the release, but Andy Staples sums it up pretty good with: "They blew everything."

Upon hearing of the suspension; but more importantly, no further action regarding the outcome of the game, the Hurricanes offered the following response...