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The Raiders and Chargers have revealed impressive joint stadium renderings


Concepts for the joint Chargers and Raiders stadium, estimated to cost $1.7 billion, were released last night, and they're a complete overhaul from the original renderings originally released a few months ago.

The new stadium concept, which was presented to commissioner Roger Goodell earlier this week, includes collaboration between both franchises, and a very modern look that will be unique for LA and the NFL.

While Jerry's World has the giant TV screen hanging from the rafters, the crown jewel of the new proposed LA stadium would be a 120-foot tower that rises above the main concourse and has the ability to simulate lighting bolts behind a glass encasing if the Chargers were playing (with the ability to shoot lightning bolts in the air after a score), or a giant burning flame in honor of Al Davis if the Raiders were playing. Then, if the stadium were to ever hold a Super Bowl, the tower would have the ability to transform into a giant Lombardi Trophy.

The aim for the actual design of the stadium was based on a luxury sports car, according to what Manica Architecture President David Manica told the LA Times.

"We wanted the building to be iconic and sleek, like a luxury sports car, very aerodynamic, in motion, flowing lines from every angle."

By all indications, if this actually gets built, it will be one of the most awe-worthy stadiums in America.

Read more on the concept, and see more of the designs (as well as some additional concepts) on the original LA Times piece.