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"The Satellite Camp That Will Change Everything"


For months, the talk of the off season has been satellite camps, and Jim Harbaugh and Michigan have dominated the headlines with recent announcements of international trips planned to Australia and American Samoa for their summer camp tour. On the flip side you've got guys like Larry Fedora at North Carolina who won't be participating in the camps at all, and coaches like Justin Fuente who have decided to take a more low-key approach.

Nick Rolovich, the first-year head coach at Hawaii, had a little fun with the satellite camp buzz last night with a fun tweet about "The Satellite Camp That Will Change Everything".

Clearly poking fun at the satellite camp craze, "The Satellite Camp That Will Change Everything" is set to take place at Tenth Island, Michigan (a fictional place that I - a Michigander - had to Google to confirm), at Dockers HS (also imaginary), with a cost of 15,000 - well, somethings (of what that means is anyone's guess - dollars, rubles, or perhaps solid gold coins), and that 15k includes a camp t-shirt and lei. To boot, the camp is set for on June 32nd (a day that obviously doesn't exist).

Why did Rolovich decide to use Michigan as the fictional destination to drive home his point? Use your imagination...

With all the hoopla about college staff's working this camp, and that camp, it's nice to see a refreshingly humorous angle like this we can all laugh about.

Good work coach Rolo. This is a guy that clearly knows the value in having a little fun, as this stunt from April Fool's illustrates.