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The school with the most impressive NFL Draft output wasn't actually a college

Monday update: Fork Union Military Academy also had an outstanding weekend, producing five draftees and seven undrafted free agents.

LSU led all schools with nine players selected in the 2014 NFL Draft, followed closely by Alabama and Notre Dame with eight apiece. Those numbers are impressive, but they aren't that impressive considering each is a football superpower with massive budgets and resources devoted to finding and developing the best football talent in the land. Schools like LSU, Alabama and Notre Dame should put multiple players in the draft every year.

What's really impressive though? A single high school producing four players in a single draft. That's what St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale did this weekend, surpassing its school record of three. 

Sure, the Fort Lauderdale juggernaut has a talent base that would make many colleges jealous. But Aquinas isn't the only talent-rich school in South Florida, and 14-year-old boys don't grow into 18-year-old college-ready prospects on their own. 

The players are:

Lamarcus Joyner (S, Florida State) - 43rd overall to the St. Louis Rams
Dezmon Southward (S, Wisconsin) - 68th overall to the Atlanta Falcons
Brandon Liner (OL, Miami) - 93rd overall to the Jacksonville Jaguars
James White (RB, Wisconsin) - 130th overall to the New England Patriots

The Raiders were beaten over the weekend by only 11 schools: Florida State, Ohio State, Stanford, Baylor, Clemson, North Carolina, UCLA and Wisconsin in addition to the three mentioned above.

(HT Bleacher Report)