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The St. Louis Rams have won the gesture of the week


Regardless of where you believe the blame lies, we can all agree the scene playing out this week in Ferguson, Mo., is a deplorable one. 

Watching the ugly scene unfold near his home, Rams manager of fan development and alumni relations Kyle Eversgerd wondered what he could do. So he contacted three Ferguson-area high schools, McCluer High School, McCluer North, and McCleur South, and notified them that there would be 75 tickets waiting for each of them at Saturday night's preseason game versus the Green Bay Packers. 

“In light of everything going on it just kind of hit me,” says Eversgerd told “I can’t imagine with all that stuff going on, how tough it must be to practice. We were able to get them away from it all.”

As Robert Klemko writes for The MMQB:

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Sports are supposed to be a distraction from real world calamities, especially for kids. Good on the Rams for making that happen.