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Some of the top graphics / announcements from NSD16


Today, Twitter became a non-stop showcase of recruiting announcements and graphics.That's the beauty of national signing day.

As I do every year, I took a closer look at some of the most visually appealing signing day announcements from across the country. Last year it was strictly graphics, but since this kind of stuff is always revolving, I added GIFs, videos and other announcements to the mix this year. Here's a look at who made the top 10 cut last season.

Programs making this list for a second straight year include Iowa State, Wyoming, Oregon, and Michigan.

Overall visual appeal, creativity, and design were the factors taken into consideration. There were a ton of good graphics out there that people put a lot of work into, but these are the top 14 that caught my eye today.

See a graphic from within the FBS (or beyond) that you think is impressive and worth noting / sharing with coaches? Shoot it to me at, or via Twitter @CoachSamz and we'll update the list at the bottom.

Iowa State: The graphics coming out of Ames have been on point in recent years, and Matt Campbell's first on campus is no exception. There's a lot to like about this design.

Wyoming: Craig Bohl and his guys did a nice job of channeling their inner ESPN for some of their announcements. Nice action from the ticker at the bottom of the screen to liven up the GIF.

Michigan: Cool idea here from Jim Harbaugh and his guys to use half of the kid's HS uniform, blended with the other half in a Michigan uniform. Michigan was also sure to mix in highlights from their star-studded cast of celebrities in attendance.

Washington: It looks like UW pulled this design straight out of the matrix, and while it may be lacking some of the finer details, the design is top notch

Houston: Tom Herman and his crew have rolled out a number of designs to announce their latest additions. Points for creativity here.

Miami: Miami's graphic is very visually appealing and the videos they're using include a quote on the kid's upside from one of Mark Richt's assistant coaches. Not to mention, the #SWAG16 might be the best NSD hashtag.

Colorado: Simple, clean, and effective use here by Colorado.

Eastern Michigan: Eastern Michigan has some nice things going on with this one, and they're the only graphic that I've seen that points out the kid's high school coach. Nice strategy for continuing to build relationships.

Northwestern: I really like this approach from Northwestern. Quick 15-second video letting the kid introduce himself to the fan base, followed by a graphic pointing out some of his strengths.

Texas State: Texas State's graphic may lack some of the details that the others have, but they make up for that with their unique, edgy approach that surely appeals to recruits.

Florida: Very modern look here from Florida, with some really interesting details that no other program included in their graphics.

UCLA: There aren't many programs that include Scout's star ranking in their announcement, but UCLA does, and brings plenty of flash to the table (as you'd expect).

Minnesota: The Golden Gophers are another program who decided to use GIFs to help them make their announcements, and they executed theirs very well.

Oregon: Love the simplicity here from Oregon

The following programs have also been brought to our attention and put together some quality pieces:

West Texas (D-II)