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The top 7 guesses on why Les Miles is visiting Cuba this week


The cat is out of the bag (pun fully intended). Les Miles is down in Cuba for the week.

When you allow your mind to start to wonder what Les is doing down in Cuba, some fun things pop into your head, which got me brainstorming some of the more fun reasons that the most entertaining coach in college football has traveled abroad. Here's what I came up with:

  1. Miles is actually auditioning to take over for The Most Interesting Man in the World, a suggestion we first made last week ago. He'd be perfect for the part.
  2. Les is scouting out sites down in Cuba to take his team for spring ball next year. He's got to scout out the site before Richt decides to take his guys on the short flight (or raft ride) from Miami to Cuba. While Harbaugh may have started this whole spring break practice deal, Les may have bigger and better ideas for spring practice on the horizon.
  3. Cuba is known for churning out baseball prospects with big arms, so maybe Miles is hoping to uncover the great LSU quarterback. Think of an arm of JaMarcus Russel with the work ethic, athletic ability and power of Leonard Fournette.
  4. Les has had a chance to taste the grass (both real and artificial) at a number of stadiums here in American, but hasn't gotten his taste buds on any good Cuban blades. Rumor has it that the the right Cuban grass is just as Cuban cigars. We'll let Les be the judge of that.
  5. To find some inspiration for his next "What was he thinking!?!?!" in-game call that no one saw coming. Little Giants had "The Annexation of Puerto Rico" and Les may be inspired by something enough down there to call his next trickeration"The lifted Cuban Embargo".
  6. Les actually has no idea where he actually is, he was actually handed the tickets and told that he was heading to Hawaii.
  7. I'm just going to leave this one here: Yesterday, President Obama urged Congress to lift the Cuban trade embargo...and today Les in Cuba? Maybe the government sent Les in as an operative that no one would suspect to assess the situation and smooth over diplomatic relations...

It turns out none of these are right, as the LSU Football twitter account points out Les is in Cuba to "visit schools and experience the culture". While it's certainly not as fun as any of my suggestions, gotta love Les going down there to do some good for the people of Cuba. College football has a great unofficial ambassador with Les down there.