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The #Twitter12Pack of things I didn't expect to see during college football's opening weeked

The opening weekend of college football provided many surprises. Here is the 2015 debut of the #Twitter12Pack of things that I didn't expect to see this weekend.

1. The Kansas State band tried their best to create a Jayhawk being attacked by a spaceship, but it didn't quite turn out as expected. KSU later issued a public apology.

2. Texas A&M quarterback Connor McQueen decided to eat his breakfast on game day without a fork as they prepared to play Arizona State.

3. The first half box score for Texas Tech and Sam Houston State was just ridiculous.

4. There were no shortage of good signs this weekend, but this one was my favorite.

5. SMU scored 12 total points in their first four games last year (all losses). They put up 21 against a top 5 Baylor program on Saturday.

6. As if Colorado's controversial loss to Hawaii wasn't bad enough...

7. A Reddit user (E8odie) took the time to break down the most run heavy, pass heavy, and balanced teams of the weekend.


8. This might have been the most clever tweet of the weekend. Fleck's WMU squad gave Michigan State fits, especially in the pass game.

9. New Mexico State's bus got broken into while they got pummeled by Florida and all the bags of the athletic department's staff and their guests were stolen. That presented quite the problem on how they all got home, considering many of them left their keys in their bags.

10. A Bowling Green defensive lineman lost his shoe and couldn't make it to the sideline, so he did the only logical thing one could do in that situation... 11. Purdue's quarterback has a mean stiff arm, and then has the presence of mind to throw a TD pass!

Austin Appleby is playing ANGRY. #PURDUEvsMARSHALL — FS1 (@FS1) September 6, 2015

12. Boise State has scored on 49 STRAIGHT TRIPS TO THE RED ZONE. That's just insane.