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The #Twitter12Pack of things I didn't expect to see this weekend

1. The St. Louis Rams managed to set their field on fire. #HottestShowOnTurf

2. That snafu, in turn, revealed the junkiest looking shop vac that any multi-million dollar organization in America owns. Chances are the one sitting in your garage looks brand new compared to this one.

3. The strangest looking score of the weekend came in the Fresno State vs. San Jose State game where a broken play turned into a highlight.

4. I can't remember the last time that I saw a team give up this many rushing yards, and still manage to win handily (UCLA won 56-30).

5. 46 plays is about half as many as most up tempo coaches aim at running over the course of a game.

6. In four games under Chad Morris and his staff, SMU has already eclipsed their total points scored in all of last season's 1-11 campaign...but they lost to James Madison Saturday.

7. I don't understand exactly what this means from Mississippi State's football account, but it had me chuckling like an immature 3rd grader.

8. Go ahead and raise your hand if you saw this one coming...

9. ...or better yet, this one.

10. Florida leads the country in fourth down conversions, going an impressive 10 of 10, which is double the second place team (Miami, FL) who sits at 5 for 5. The past two seasons Ball State and Wake Forest lead the country with 11, and 10 respective successful 4th down conversions the whole season.


11. Reaching for a first down never goes as bad as this one did last night in Denver vs. Detroit game.

12. Uprooting the service academies from the top of the premier rushing programs sits Baylor, who leads the country in rushing (379 ypg), and yards per carry (7.8).