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The #Twitter12Pack of things I didn't expect to see this weekend

1. On a fourth down in the third quarter against Texas A&M Saturday, Nick Saban wanted to call a timeout, but Lane Kiffin had the guts to give him the stiff arm to let things play out. The Tide went on to convert the crucial fourth down to keep the drive alive.

Can you imagine what would have happened if they didn't convert?


2. A-Rod's first day on the Fox set was yesterday, and he's already breaking stuff.

3. The win probability chart from ESPN for Michigan State could not have been any more discouraging leading up to that final fateful play.

4. A week after playing TCU tough, Kansas State got shut out at home by Oklahoma...who lost to Texas last week. It was the first time the Wildcats had been shut out at home in over two decades.

5. This guy was a star in Ann Arbor Saturday, getting camera time on two separate occasions.

6. This is just ridiculous

7. ...What the...

8. Until this weekend, Ohio State hadn't been called for holding during a Big Ten game since 2013. How is that possible?

9. Soccer - where getting the injured player off the field so they can continue playing is more important than the safety of the player.

10. Peyton Manning pancaked Browns linebacker Donte Whitner last night.

11. ESPN had some trouble deciphering between Iowa and Iowa State highlights Saturday.

12. LSU beat Florida Saturday in Baton Rouge, and before the game fans were legitimately grilling alligator at tailgates.

...Only in Louisiana...