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The #Twitter12Pack of things I didn't expect to see this weekend

1. Definitely didn't see this coming...300 pound lineman nicknamed "Poop" outruns everyone for TD.


2. In eight games, the San Diego Chargers have just 1 punt return yard.

3. Six touchdowns and no interceptions...and lost!?!?!

4. There are ten FBS openings right now. Five of them had Ohio State on the schedule at one point (Virginia Tech, Hawaii, Maryland, Minnesota, Illinois). Coincidence?

5. What is going on with this end zone paint garbage?

6. Memphis recorded not one, but two safeties Saturday. Anyone know the last time that happened?

7. You should be more careful taking pictures at games enjoying a cold brew after seeing this video.

8. Three SEC teams (Missouri, Georgia, and Vanderbilt) have not scored a touchdown in at least 6 quarters. Ironically, Georgia ranked 8th in scoring last season.

9. Since the Kansas City Royals won the World Series last night, Kansas fans decided to celebrate by tearing down the stadium goalposts...

10. Watching Kirk Herbstreit get scared on live TV was one of the unexpected highlights of the weekend. Thanks Chris Fowler.

11. Over the weekend I received a note that Ferris State University (D-III - Big Rapids, MI) has five commitments from within the state as part of their recruiting class, and one player is a 3-star prospect according to Rivals. Why is that interesting you may ask? At the FBS level, Eastern Michigan (located just a few hours away from Ferris State) has just four in-state commits locked up, which also includes one 3-star prospect. 12. Mike Leach, one of the fathers of the Air Raid, was actually asked at his presser about throwing the ball with three minutes left. His response was perfect.