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The #Twitter12Pack of things I didn't expect to see this weekend

1. Lane Kiffin throwing a stiff arm on the sideline during a big Derrick Henry run.

2. How does this happen at a news station? Gary Payton gets mistaken for Peyton Manning?

3. This is as impressive as it gets.

4. Larry Fedora has led some remarkable improvement at UNC

5. If you're a defensive coordinator, Geoff Collins' squad at Florida is the blueprint this season

6. This actually happened to the Browns at one point yesterday

7. The understatement of the year...

8. This is just cold.

9. If you're Phil Knight at Oregon, you get your own headset

10. As a former D-III guy myself, I love hearing small colleges get some love on the GameDay set

11. Mack Brown's pronunciation of Colorado is mesmerizing

12. SEC programs speed dating the College Football Playoff by has so much truth to it. Hilarious Bonuses for the road: 13. Helfrich speaking his mind

14. I was under the impression that this kind of stuff only happened at other Big Ten schools.

15. This was mind boggling...until I saw the tweet below it.

So I spent 5min of 1st Half embedded w/ #Iowa Band. Zombie Nation plays and Band chants "We are #PennState " -huh?? — Rob Michel (@RobMichel) November 15, 2015