1. Apparently, punting is harder than it looks.

2. 21 straight losses for the Mountain West against Power Five opponents? You gotta be kidding me.

3. So you’re telling me that extra points aren’t automatic? This one was to tie the game.

4. On the first possession of overtime, needing only points to win, the Cornhuskers (now 1-2 with their two losses coming on the last play of the game) throw an interception…to a Miami player with the first name of Corn.

How ironic, right?


5. Big hits are a thing of beauty, especially when they come from the quarterback on a defensive lineman.

6. The coldest GameDay sign in history goes to…

7. Utah receiver trips on the 40 yard line heading in to score with no one within ten yards of him

8. This is something you see at youth flag football games, not the NFL.

9. UConn tried a fake field goal to win the game by running play action to the kicker!

10. Valpo played College of the Faith (a game that the NCAA deemed “uncountable”) this weekend and COF was rocking the worst gear in the nation, including pants with 6 inch tears in them. Valpo “won” 86-0.

11. Lesson: Always treat the mic as hot…

12. I really thought Auburn’s defense would respond against LSU after a rough outing the weekend before, as evidenced by my vote of confidence in them in our weekly Pick ‘Em article. Boy was I wrong.