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The two craziest plays you didn't see this weekend

These days win probability has become all the rage in college football. Broadcasters love mentioning how Team X had a 2.8 percent chance of winning until that dropped punt snap/9-point field goal/pterodactyl sighting happened and changed everything.

Well, I'd love to see what Montana's win probability was as Idaho State lined up for a game-winning field goal in overtime. And I'd especially love to see the odds Montana had of winning the game on that very play.

With the score tied at 27-27, Montana fumbled on its possession at the top of the first overtime, meaning Idaho State needed only to connect on this 34-yard field goal try to win the game.

WATCH: #GrizFootball game winning play vs ISU in OT. Gotta see it to believe it!


Next, I feel confident in saying this is the most insane fake field goal play in football history. It simply cannot be topped.

Let's see that again from a different angle, shall we?

What's the situation here? How does this play even get approved?

St. Thomas, working its way toward an undefeated regular season and MIAC championship, called the most, uh, creative fake field goal you'll ever see after their first touchdown against Carleton College Saturday. The Tommies would go on to win the game 80-3.

(HT Lost Lettermen)