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Video: The types of coaches in recruiting and personnel

Marco Regalado's latest video takes aim at recruiting and personnel departments.

Marco Regalado is at it again.

After packing up in Pullman, everyone's favorite coaching personality on TikTok recently landed at Rice as their Executive Director of Player Personnel and Recruiting Innovation.

That last part is the perfect title for the type of content he's known to put out.

His latest video gem takes a stab at the types of coaches in recruiting and personnel departments.

Coaches depicted by Regalado in the clip:

The Onomatopoeia Coach
The No Brainer coach
The "Who Else Has Offered" Coach
The Scientist Evaluator
The "I've Got a Guy There" coach
The :Stand on the Table" Coach
The Metaphor Coach
The Negative Recruiter
The "Cool" Coach

Have a look, and have a laugh.