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The ultimate underdog, a high school coach's incredible story

Coach Lauren Gaudette has often been described as an underdog, even she will say that about herself. What makes her an underdog isn't simply that she's in the minority of football coaches as a female but that she has overcome so much in life.

Gaudette is the assistant quarterbacks and linebackers coach at Londonderry High School (NH). She was born with Spina Bifida, club feet, two hip disorders, has progressive hearing loss and has already endured over 20 surgeries. She navigates the football field the same way she does life, with a strength and grit that is simply unbelievable.

Her head coaches (past and present) describe her as incredibly detailed and as a wealth of football knowledge. She not only coaches football but also boys freshman basketball. When she's not coaching she can found in a classroom working as a teacher's aid.

I was doing some researching on female high school coaches when I found Lauren's story. It stunned me. I stopped what I was doing and began to learn more about her. This is what caught my eye:

In the interview with a local tv station, her mom says that doctors told her that Lauren would never live a normal life. They were right, but not in the way they expected. When asked if she feels she is perceived differently than other coaches she told me that sometimes players who've never seen a woman in sports will give her the "what does she know about football' attitude, but the attitude ceases once she throws a perfect spiral.

A woman of immeasurable strength and passion for the game we all love, she is an inspiration. We can all learn from her tenacity.

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