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"The work is the reward."

Texas A&M played its final home game of the basketball season on Saturday, and it left head coach Buzz Williams feeling some kind of way. A team picked to finish 12th in the conference will head to the SEC tournament as the No. 7 seed, having completed its regular season with a 77-69 win over Arkansas.

We don't hear the question here, but the question is irrelevant. It's just the starting point for what Buzz wants to talk about: recruiting, the work his wife did in raising the couple's daughter while he was away recruiting, and the Aggies' out-performing expectations in his first year on the job.

The through-line, though, applies across sports and across levels. Just take seven minutes to sit back and take it in.

"What I've learned is, the work is the reward. Not being recognized for the work, because then it makes it seem like we were doing all of this for others. No, we were trying to help (the players), and the same way my wife has helped our daughter. And so then maybe the time that I've given to other peoples' kids, if it's built on the right thing.

"What's transpired here is historical, not that we won 10 (SEC) games. What's transpired here is transformational for their life, and their willingness to change, and do it as a group, and he fight and the togetherness they do it with. The winning is just a byproduct of that.

"Many times in life, what's invisible is the most important. Somebody's hunger, how much they love one another, how hard they work, how together they are, there's not a ceiling to that."