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There are quarantine workouts...and then there is this

By now we've all seen or prescribed a good amount of at home body-weight, no (or minimal / creative) weights required workouts to keep the guys on our teams busy.

But guys, there are quarantine work outs, and then there is a whole new level we're about to introduce you to.

This video, which we got an email about late Monday night as it started to make its rounds on social media, shows that next level.

The video shows the setup that Florida high schooler Chase Crews, who is a projected 2023 grad, is utilizing to make himself better during the COVID-19 crisis. The homemade weight room setup is complete with a tree trunk, tires, chains, and a homemade rack consisting of two sawhorses.

The tweet was sent with a phrase that will now forever live in lineman infamy - "Pancakes don't flip themselves."

Enjoy this fellas.