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There are some new names atop the highest paid strength coaches in college football

For years, two names have dominated the list of the highest paid strength coaches in college football - Chris Doyle at Iowa and Scott Cochran at Alabama.

As the right hand man to Kirk Ferentz, Doyle held the spot as the highest paid strength coach in the country for years.

But that all came to an end over the summer. Doyle was placed on administrative leave on June 6th after some culture and racial insensitivity issues at Iowa bubbled to the surface that led to a group of players demanding Ferentz's job. By the middle of June, Iowa had announced a separation agreement with their longtime strength coach. 

As for Cochran, well he left Tuscaloosa to make the rare transition to an on-the-field coaching staff member as Kirby Smart's special teams coordinator at Georgia.

Between both of those guys, the market for strength coaches (who most coaches agree is the most important hire on a staff) was trending toward breaking the $1 million mark. Rightly so, as the vast majority of coaches will point to them as the single most important hire on a staff.

Back in March details on Mickey Mariotti's new deal at Ohio State revealed he had moved into the top paid strength spot by the slimmest of margins. Mariotti's raise bumped him to $801,150, while Doyle was making $800,000 before being dismissed at Iowa.

While Mariotti's salary will take a slight hit due to COVID reductions, the market for strength coaches is as strong as it's ever been, and trending upward, according to the USA Today Salary Database for strength coaches across college football.

In total, the strength profession had 11 coaches set to make $500k or more before pandemic reductions.

Coaches topping the latest list were Mariotti ($801,150), followed by Oklahoma State's Rob Glass and Michigan's Ben Herbert both set to make $700k.

Of all those that agreed to take a reduction in pay, North Carolina's Brian Hess (who was set to make $500k as the 11th highest paid strength coach), will take the largest with a total pay cut of $75,000.

Head here to see the full list of Power Five strength coaches from USA Today.

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