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There are two types of fumbles...

The Eagles group fumbles into two categories - city fumbles and country fumbles.

Whether we're talking about youth football, high school, college, or the NFL all levels have one coaching truth in common.

For as long as football has been around, coaches have felt the need to come up with unique phrases and saying to get players to remember specific coaching points. 

That's what came to mind when I came across this press conference from Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni nugget while scrolling through TikTok last night.

In it, he explains they have a rule for two types of fumbles in a way I have never heard of before.

Those two types? Country fumbles and city fumbles.

The difference?

"We have a city fumble and a country fumble rule. I can let you in that."

"A city fumble is if there is a lot of bodies around, you get on it. If it's a country fumble, and there's not a lot of bodies around.

"Like if you're me out here...Westchester, right? Then you can scoop and score. If you're in downtown Philly, you've got to get on the ball."

The comment came after defensive back Darius Slay scooped up a fumble and took it over 80-yards for a defensive touchdown against the Broncos over the weekend in their 30-13 win.