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'There may be better looking B1G coaches, but no one will outwork us'

Without cheating, take a look at the quote below and try to take a stab at which Big Ten head coach said it.

"There might be better-looking coaches in the Big Ten, there might be smarter coaches -- but no one's going to outwork us."

If you guessed Penn State's James Franklin, you'd be right.

In retrospect, that couldn't have been that hard. Everywhere James Franklin goes he exudes confidence and energy. Both of which were vital to turning around a Vanderbilt program that had been bottom dwellers in the SEC prior to him and his staff's arrival.

But with that confidence, also comes a dose of reality, and Franklin knows first hand the results that come when your staff outworks the staff on the opposite sideline. Which is why he brought the majority of them with him to Happy Valley.

We'll see how that translates in year one when Penn State opens up with Central Florida in Dublin, Ireland on August 30th.