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There's a new Catfish story emerging...this time involving a fake Power Five coach

Last week we shared a story about a fake recruit that fooled recruiting services, and today we got a heads up about a fake account impersonating a major college coach.

It's safe to say that the act of "Catfishing" has found its way into college football in 2019.

The account @Coach_ii claims to be a recruiter for "the the Kansas State" - which should serve as the first sign that something is fishy - and as North Dakota State (FCS) offensive line coach AJ Blazek points out, things certainly are not as they appear.

The picture being used on that fake account is actually of new Temple analyst TJ Yelk, but as Blazek points out, that K-State account most certainly is not being run by Yelk. At first glance, the account's activity looks like it could certainly be someone that's involved with the program, but it's clearly an elaborate farce. Hopefully someone at K-State will notice and take action.

Some folks will do nearly anything to say they're a part of major college football, and while "Catfishing" may have been popularized by the MTV show where people posed to be other individuals for the sake of online relationships, it's clearly starting to infiltrate the world of college football.

Parents, players, and coaches now know. So beware.