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"If there's two similar athletes we'll take the multi-sport guy every single time," Big Ten assistant explains

You'd be hard pressed to find a coaching staff anywhere in America that doesn't value multi-sport athletes.

Nebraska defensive coordinator Erik Chinander took some time to explain to 1011 News why he and the rest of Scott Frost's coaching staff prefer multi-sport athletes over players that choose to specialize and 'train' the rest of the year.

"Number one, the multi-sport athlete has played a lot of different positions," Chinander starts off explaining. "If you're a multiple sport guy you can take coaching, you can play multiple positions and have developed multiple skills and that translates better."

"The thing that I love about multi-sport athletes is they're always competing. It's not just the guys that compete in football and then 'train' for the rest of the year. I like guys that are going to compete in everything that they do all the time and all year round."

Hear more from Chinander in the clip.