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These states are playing high school football tonight

Some states in our great nation will not play high school football again until some time in early 2021, at the earliest.

Others, though, will play tonight. Real, actual football games, with pads and helmets and a scoreboard that will record a final score that counts toward the standings, will take place tonight. In some places, games have been going for a couple of weeks already.

Here is a list of states playing high school football tonight, according to FootballScoop's research (with an assist from MaxPreps):

Alabama (152 games)
Arkansas (4 games, full schedule begins next week)
Iowa (3 games, full schedule begins next week)
Kentucky (3 games, full schedule begins next week)
Nebraska (4 games, full schedule begins next week)
North Dakota
South Dakota
Utah (they began last week)

These states are slated to begin in the next week or two:

Georgia (Sept. 4)
Mississippi (Sept. 4)
Missouri (Aug. 28)
Montana (Aug. 28)
Oklahoma (Aug. 28)
Ohio (Aug. 28)
Texas (Aug. 28 for small schools, big schools start a month later)
West Virginia (Sept. 4)
Wyoming (Aug. 28)

As we've seen, high school football schedules have largely been determined by what political party the state's governor represents.

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