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Things to consider when installing your defense


When Peter King began his new MMQB venture his first move was to hire Greg Bedard as his top lieutenant...and the two have crushed it ever since. For those not following him on twitter, Bedard is an excellent follow and his feature articles are traditionally loaded with great information.

So this morning Bedard dropped an outstanding article on new Browns head coach Mike Pettine. The entire thing is a great read; but I wanted to specifically call out a few coaching points Pet makes. 

  • Pet believes in the learning buddy system (a smarter player paired with one who isn't learning the system as quickly)
  • If you have a great player who just isn't learning the scheme that well, coach around him...meaning tell him to go dominate the player or two in front of him and "we'll make it right around you"
  • Keep the scheme the same but make the players interchangeable..."corners switch with linebackers, linebackers swap with linemen, etc..."
  • Have the entire defense meet together (not in their own rooms) - They all learn the entire scheme and better understand all of the responsibilities they share on any given call

Oh, and one nugget for the offensive guys out there, Pet points out how hard it is for defensive coaches when offenses vary their tempo throughout the game. Very insightful.

Find a few minutes and read the entire thing.