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Think the college football coaching carousel is crazy? It has nothing on the NBA

NBA coaches

The coaching market in college football is volatile. We at FootballScoop make our living covering it, and I satirized how insane it can become in my Coaching Carousel Nuclear Winter piece in November.

But college football has nothing on the NBA.

On Thursday morning, Scott Skiles resigned as head coach of the Orlando Magic after less than a year on the job. But it's not even close to the strangest thing happening in the NBA coaching market right now.

Forty-three percent of Power 5 coaches have been on the job longer than three seasons -- and that's not counting the sizable number of coaches that were either longtime assistants promoted from within over the past three seasons or are new hires heading into their fourth season. In the NBA, that number is 16 percent.

College football can be crazy. But it's not the level of dogs-and-cats-living-together, frog-raining, milk-on-a-hot dog level of crazy that the NBA lives in on a daily basis.