Graham Harrell
Credit: North Texas athletics

All Mic’d Up videos are different in that their subjects are different each time, but their content is pretty much all the same. A 3 or 4-minute clip of claps, whistle tweets peppered with some atta boys and small talk mixed in. As far as windows into the subject’s personality and coaching style, they’re usually of the stained glass variety: highly textured, and not much light gets in.

This one is different.

Graham Harrell is in his first spring as North Texas’s offensive coordinator after a stint on Mike Leach’s staff at Washington State and, before that, a journeyman career in the NFL and a record-setting run as Leach’s quarterback at Texas Tech. Harrell is a known commodity as a player, but not in his new career.

Here, North Texas takes seven minutes to provide an illuminating window into Harrell’s style and personality as a coach. There are moments of praise, and then there are segments where Harrell sentences his players to up-downs and tells a receiver his route was “lazy as shit.”

It’s a lengthy (more than seven minutes) and honest portrait into an offensive coordinator working to coax the 1-11 team he inherited into the 21st century. The viewer comes away feeling like he knows Harrell better than he did before he clicked play, and that’s the entire point, isn’t it?

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