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This is the recruiting story of the spring

Back in late January Tom Herman got stuck in traffic for 17 hours before abandoning his rental car to walk the final few miles to the airport, which was (without a doubt) the best recruiting story of the winter season.

Now that spring is here we have a new recruiting story to claim the top spot, at least in terms of pure creativity.

Rice was one of many of schools recruiting Texas quarterback J.T. Granato, a three star prospect according to Scout out of Kinkaid high school. In an effort to stick out a bit and show their true commitment, Rice co-offensive coordinator wrote a letter addressed to "Kitty Granato".

Yeah, that's right. "Kitty" is the family cat. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the letter read:

“As you know we’re trying to convince J.T. Rice is the place for him. I know you’d like to keep him close so he can feed you and change the litter box. Please help us to get him to choose us. Paw me if you have any questions.

Coach Lynch must have known it would work, because on Thursday Granato committed to Rice.

What lengths would you go to in order to land a recruit? Talking with coaches throughout the off season, we hear our fair share of these kind of stories, but would love to hear and share more of them with the rest of our audience.

If you got a creative, or downright outrageous story worth highlighting, send it to me at and I'll see if it's deserving of its own feature story.