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This is what happens when someone plays "Sweet Home Alabama" at a Tennessee practice


When you're at Tennessee, the one and only home of "Rocky Top", there's really only one song that you should never, under any circumstance, hear at practice - "Sweet Home Alabama".

Yet somehow, the infamous Lynyrd Skynyrd song made its way onto the Tennessee practice field this past spring, and Butch Jones' ears immediately perked up and the only thing on his mind was to find the source of that song and get it turned off immediately.

At first, everyone assumed the girl in charge of the practice playlist let it slip through the cracks, but it wasn't her. Then the attention turned to a local fraternity house...but it wasn't coming from there either.

Come to find out, the baseball field (which is adjacent to the football practice field) had a charity event and they were the guilty party.

"Go over to the baseball field and tell them to turn that shit off."

"Hey, I'm serious, run over there and see if it's the baseball field and tell them that we're at Tennessee and that don't play here. You can tell them I sent you." Jones told Vol For Life coordinator, and former first round NFL Draft pick Antone Davis.

The video provides a pretty hilarious look at everything as it unfolds, almost as if it's a top secret mission, and then ends with Jones coming face-to-face with the culprit.