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This JuCo recruiting video hits the nail on the head

This time of year is all about movement. Former college football players move on to the NFL, the working world or graduate school, and later this month high school signees will begin the transition to college football. 

At its core, recruiting is about proving why your school is the best vehicle to get prospects from Point A to Point B, wherever that Point B may lie. We often think of recruiting as a simple progression from high school to a four-year institution, but not everyone fits under a one-size-fits-all umbrella. For those players, Iowa Western is here.

Located in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Iowa Western Community College has placed 51 players at FBS institutions since 2009, a number that the Rievers claim as the best in the country. Players land at nearby places you'd expect - Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas State, Illinois - and places you might not, like Oregon. Iowa Western is touting that success by showing former players' success at their new homes. 

As far as junior college recruiting goes, this video is the best of its kind.