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This may be the best Nick Saban impression the internet has ever seen

Last August, NBC Sports had some fun with the idea of an American football coach (played by the hilarious Jason Sudeikis) coaching soccer over in England. What they were able to put together ended up being four minutes of solid sports related comedy that was a huge hit.

Well, along those same lines, after USA's recent World Cup loss to Germany, one sports fan decided it would be fun to act as if Nick Saban was the head coach of the US National team after the big loss. What transpired might be the best impression of coach Saban ever captured on film.

The guy nails it from the start with the running of his fingers through his hair in frustration along with some excellent hand gesturing, then he uses the word "process" a handful of times, and to cap it all off, the way he wraps up the mock interview couldn't be any better.

It's July 1, which means football season is about two months away, so sit back and enjoy this one.

(H/T Fox Sports for the video)