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This program has found a unique way to make the most of their quarantine time

While staffs across the country have really had to get creative to connect with their players and fans, Pace University (D-II - NY) is doing some really unique stuff to make the most of their quarantine time.

On Wednesday, Pace defensive coordinator Steve Gruber took some inspiration from the hit TV show 24 and put together this video.

Today, offensive coordinator Conor Gilmartin-Donohue teed up a great video highlighting the staff at Pace set to the theme of Law & Order.

As we've continued to connect with coaches across the country facing this stay at home quarantine order, it has become more and more clear that the teams that are being most creative in order to connect with their guys are going to be in the best shape as we are able to come back together.

Props to the staff at Pace for their unique approach.