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This staff gathered around to share why they love football

One of the hardest things about the coronavirus is the way it plays with time. We've been in a nationwide quarantine for about a month now, but the time before feels like a lifetime ago. Remember the Clemson-LSU national title game? That was allegedly in January, but it might as well have been in 1986.

As such, I miss football. It's not even football season right now -- not really, anyway -- but I miss the game all the same. It's a hunger for normalcy, a life that revolves around football feels normal to me. And I suspect I'm not alone there.

In fact, I know I'm not alone. The Boise State staff, following an initiative created by the National Football Foundation, got together to share why they love football under the hashtag #WhyWePlay.

It's a great reminder about why we're yearning for football, especially if and when that yearning grows in the weeks and months to come.