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This video touting the nation's number 1 defense is full of swagger and aggression

Despite having an offense that ranked near the bottom of the barrel, Boston College's defense finished the regular season as the best in the country.

Their efforts on defense got defensive coordinator Don Brown a nod as a finalist for our FBS Defensive Coordinator of the Year Award.

Since offensive highlights normally dominate videos, having one with a defensive edge is always refreshing, and Boston College doesn't disappoint with this one. This one is full of aggression, toughness, and is dripping with swagger.

"When your body is gone, you go to your mind. When your mind is gone, you go to your spirit...and that's where your faith is, and that's where your team is, and that's where greatness happens right there." head coach Steve Addazio's voice says at the beginning of the video.

"That's what BC is about. Where we draw on the power of each other."