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This week in Deion: Teaching players toilet etiquette

Deion Sanders promised to change the culture of Jackson State football and, boy, did he mean it.

Disgusted by the state of Jackson State's, uh, facilities, Coach Prime let his players know he was watching and taking notes. Figuratively speaking.

In an Instagram post, Sanders taped (or, had taped) two messages above a locker room toilet -- one of them saying, "Treat this toilet like your Mama got next!"

"Real coaches never stop coaching," he said, followed by seven cry-laughing emojis. "I'm really serious tho."

Silly as this all is -- and, to be clear, it is quite silly -- if you've ever spend time in a men's locker room restroom, you also know it's sadly necessary. "Lol but so true," Brett Favre commented.