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This week in Prime: A starving Deion rescued by the Jackson Fire Department

I don't even know what to say about this. I realize it's my job to find the words necessary to accurately convey the news for our readers, but I just don't have them right now.

As you're well aware, the entire central third of the United States has been dealing with an ongoing assault of winter weather throughout this week, and Jackson, Miss., was not spared. Still, the stomach wants what the stomach wants, and so the Jackson State head coach and his compatriots set out to get them some grub.

After finding a Waffle House only to discover it was closed, before stumbling upon a McDonald's, only to discover that establishment was closed as well. (Note to Deion's traveling party: if Waffle House is closed, it's time to go home.)

Coach Prime then hopped on Instagram to vent.

"You've got to at least tell me that you ain't going to feed me when you ain't going to feed me," he said.

Deion's message apparently reached the right phone screens, because the Jackson Fire Department Station 5 then rescued Prime from his hunger with a buffet of sausage, wings, steak fries and baked beans.

Again, if you have the words to explain this saga, be my guest. Perhaps we should just turn to the man himself to explain his way out of it.