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This will be the final season of Last Chance U as we know it

In their four seasons that have aired, the hit Netflix series Last Chance U has traveled from Scooba, Mississippi to Independence, Kansas for two seasons at both East Mississippi Community College and Independence Community College.

Each of those stops brought unique storylines, players battling personal hardships, some players and personalities that you couldn't help but love, and never ending drama.

Now, as the series heads into Season 5 at Laney College (Oakland, CA) with John Beam in his eighth season leading the program, and Netflix has announced this will be their final least covering football.

Season 6 will leave football, and shift the focus to basketball.

Judging from the trailer, this season at Laney with coach Beam seems to have a much warmer feel to it than the previous stops. It would be safe to say that some of the coaching methods highlighted at EMCC and Indy CC were not embraced as an accurate portrayal of the coaching profession by a lot of the coaching community, which drew some sharp criticism through the first four seasons of the show. Considering that, this season may be a breath of fresh air, and a great note to end on. Here's to hoping for that.

Take a look at the trailer for the final season of Last Chance U as we know it below.