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This year's NFL Draft is shaping up to potentially have a unique Kingsbury vs. McVay storyline

Last year, the NFL was forced to hold the NFL Draft virtually due to COVID, which meant there was none of the typical Draft Day experiences like picks taking the stage and having their picture taken, or Day 2 picks getting the call and being mobbed by family and friends while on camera.

With that said, the new setup meant that there were a handful of unforgettable moments as GMs and head coaches sat around their custom setups for the big day like Bill Belichick in the kitchen with his dog, or Mike Vrabel's son's in the background, but there is no denying that it was Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury's setup that really stole the show.

Kliff's setup looked like something straight of a home decor magazine, with multiple phones on the table, and a picturesque backdrop with some perfect landscaping, a pool and mountains in the distance.

Not to be outdone, the Rams have an answer for that this year. Sean McVay and the Rams have converted a Malibu beach house into their Draft War room and will be operating out of it for this year's draft.

The team has some nice Rams branding and advertising worked into the new space already, and look to be prepared for a small gathering if permitted, or to go virtually with McVay or other selected key personnel at the Malibu beach house.

Taking the draft out of the facility has opened a door for a little potential McVay vs. Kingsbury draft setup rivalry because Kingsbury left open the door to possibly having a bigger and better setup for the 2021 Draft.

“The NFL only allowed us to have one person at the house or I might’ve had some people on the float swans in the back, or a DJ, really doing it big. There’s always next year, hopefully.”

A few months after the 2020 Draft, Kingsbury reflected and acknowledged that he was going to go over the top from the get-go.

Now, with the Rams and the beach house and Kingsbury's comments from last year, we've got a stage set for what could be a fun little draft day rivalry.

C'mon Kliff. Don't let us down.