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All but three 2018 first round picks were multi-sport athletes in high school

By now hopefully we've drilled in your head that the path to football success is an off ramp from the Multi-Sport Highway. Thirty of last year's 32 first round picks played at least one sport other than football in high school, and this year's class mostly held steady.

As complied by Tracking Football, 29 of the 32 first round picks in the 2018 draft were multi-sport athletes. Only Denver's Bradley Chubb, New England's Isaiah Wynn and Arizona's Josh Rosen specialized in football in high school -- though Rosen was a nationally-ranked tennis player in middle school.

Track was the most popular second sport (19), followed by basketball (17). Four players also played high school baseball, three of them quarterbacks (Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold and Josh Allen).

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