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Three and out - A powerhouse HS program decides to "play up", an impressive special teams feat, and bookmark this story


Scott: John Curtis is a dominant high school football program located in (or technically just outside of) New Orleans, LA. By enrollment numbers, John Curtis is a 2A program by Louisiana standards. Today however, John Curtis notified the LHSAA of their intent to "play up"...all the way to 5A (the largest classification in Louisiana). J.T. Curtis believes his program is up to the challenge

Doug: I've seen guys catch four or five balls doing this, but I've never someone capable of catching six. The return specialist putting one between his knees is both creative and impressive.

Zach: I love great stories, so when I say I spent every free moment I had this weekend reading this story, it comes with my fullest endorsement that this is a great story. "The Murders at the Lake" came out back in April, but I just became aware of it on Friday afternoon. By Friday night, I thought it should be a movie, by Saturday I realized it needs to be a television series. The story centers on a horrific murder at Lake Waco in the summer of 1982, but it's really about the lives it affected and the way this infuriating, heartbreaking tale weaves its way through the people it touched. Check in at a whopping 25 pages, you probably don't have time to read it now, but bookmark it for a later date. Just trust me.