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Three and Out: Are we too competitive?, Doug is speechless, and Colorado's Emmy


Zach: I thought Drew Magary of Deadspin wrote a great column about the overcompetitveness of modern parenting. As he puts it, you either feel like you're Marv Marinovich, or you're living in a commune. He argues that our obsession with competition places an overemphasis on the result (did you win?) and overlooks the process by which the result was achieved - finding something you want to pursue in life, and then doing it to the best of your ability. As with everything he writes, the language can be pretty R-rated, but it's worth your time.

Doug: I saw this yesterday, and still have no words to adequately explain it. Maybe you'll have better luck. Watch all of it, the end may be the best part.

Scott: I just wanted to congratulate the Colorado video staff for bringing home an Emmy (yes, the real deal). These guys (left to right: Jamie Guy, John Snelson, and Grayson Simon) are at the top of the heap when it comes to quality videos. The video for which they won the award is below the tweet.