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Three and Out: BYU, c'mon man, we're going back to college?, and the potential cast of The Office


Scott: I just don't know why this was tweeted. 

Doug: I just came across this video a few hours ago and had to share its glory. Excellent job by DISH here reaching into college football lore and getting these guys to participate.

Zach: I got sucked into a YouTube black hole last night (believe me, you don't want to know) and stumbled up on this video. I have no way to prove if this was staged after the fact, but I also have no reason to suspect it's anything but real. I mean, it's believable to think that, famous as they are now, they would be in position to try out for these roles 11 years ago, and get turned out. And smartly, I might add. I mean, can you imagine The Office with Saul Goodman as Michael, Harold from Harold & Kumar as Jim, Seth Rogen as Dwight and Eric Stonestreet as Kevin?