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Three and out - A perfect line, an interesting take, and 24 names for your fantasy team


Zach: "Jared Lorenzen and I are in love with the same woman. Her name is Little Debbie," is an absolutely perfect lede. And this line, from Hal Mumme, is perfectly Hal. "I just said, 'Eh, nobody made Babe Ruth train.'" ESPN has a touching read on Jared Lorenzen, something of a cult figure to me and my friends (and perhaps you and yours) but a tragic figure in real life, written by Tommy Tomlinson. Check it out.

Scott: Here's an interesting way to do the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Doug: Fantasy sports are a multi-billion dollar industry. In 2012, $1.67 billion was spent on fantasy football alone, and in 2013 25.8 million people played fantasy football. Since it is such a staple, I thought this tweet from Buffalo Wild Wings listing 24 clever fantasy names was worth bringing to your attention. 

My personal favorite? Fumble Bees.