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Three and out: Don't do it Nick, the $211,000 shirt and the red zone?


Scott: Nick Alioitti, who I was reminded did coach at Oregon State for a few seasons back in the early 80s, donned the beaver. Doug nailed it:

Zach: This shirt, made out of 18 karat gold, reportedly costs $211,000. Rumor has it Doug has purchased six of them already.


Indian businessman Pankaj Parakh treated himself to it for his 45th birthday. I'm sorry, Mr. Parakh, but I'm going to have to throw a flag here. You're already wearing a shirt made of gold. You don't need the gold watch, the gold bracelet and the gold-rimmed glasses. Have some sense of taste, man. 

Doug: First of all, I feel a need to respond to Zach's rumor that I have purchased six of the $211,000 shirts pictured above. First, if I did purchase them it would require much more "material" than the $211,000 version, and #2, last I heard, Fort Knox wasn't allowing citizens to purchase that kind of gold "in bulk".

With that off my chest I can move on to my contribution to today's Three and out: Being red/green colorblind means that my childhood dreams of being a police officer or a pilot were dashed quite early on...but I recently found that it does have at least one advantages.