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Three and out - Block with 3 lineman and gain 10 yards?, new helmet news, and the San Antonio Raiders?


Doug: I simply don't see how this is possible, but leave it up to Chip Kelly to scheme something so maddening yet successful.

Zach: Here's some uni-related news for you. Louisiana Tech will wear an alternate helmet for its Red Out game versus UTEP on Oct. 4:

La Tech helmets

And Tulane has altered the green in Green Wave:

AA Tulane new helmet

The old green is on the left, with the new on the right:

AA Tulane green

Zach: According to the San Antonio Express-News, the Oakland Raiders are contemplating a move to San Antonio. I can't think of a worse idea for both parties. 

I have a hard time believing the Raiders, formerly of Los Angeles, would pass up Los Angeles if they indeed leave Oakland. I have a hard time believing San Antonio can support an NFL team, at least without major help from Austin and Travis County. I have a hard time believing Austin and San Antonio could make this work. I have a hard time believing San Antonio and Bexar County could finance a new stadium without it turning into a major financial sinkhole.

Thankfully, I have a hard time believing this move will actually happen.