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Three and out: Pocket aces gets you beat, the best office decoration in CFB, and why won't this thing die already?!?


Since Zach has taken doubly duty the past few days with Scott enjoying a vacation, I decided to pitch an extra item in today for your viewing pleasure.

Doug: These have to be the coolest coaching office decorations in all of college football. Three Heisman's is cool, but the stands they're sitting on is even cooler.

Doug: Just when you thought you had it in the bag with pocket aces...This is just insane. More money than I'll see in a lifetime lost on one hand.

Zach: I did not watch this show, but I enjoy reading about how much other people do not enjoy watching this show. From my understanding, "The Killing" pulled the rug out from its entire viewership at the end of its first season.... and just kept existing for no apparent reason whatsoever. Andy Greenwald of Grantland provided an interesting look at why this show continues to live, but it's really an insider's view at how the television industry works: "Why Can't 'The Killing' Be Killed?"