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Three and out - The most impressive 2-year-old you've ever seen, the world's last hermit, and LSU's locker room renovations


Doug: I can only name (maybe) five professional wrestlers in the history of the WWE/WWF/NWO professional wrestling, so take this next sentence at face value: This two-year-old could put to shame just about any super-fan, naming 20 WWE superstars by their walk out music alone.

I could probably think of a few ways to channel that talent in a different direction, but it's impressive nonetheless.

Zach: As someone who works from home alone every day, I am both fascinated and horrified by this person: The World's Last Hermit.

Scott: For those of you that haven't seen it, check out some pictures (and a newly released video) of LSU's renovated locker room. Pretty impressive.