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Thursday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

Beltre was told to move into the batter's box, so he moved the batter's box to him...and got ejected for it

WOOOO! The Nature Boy Ric Flair's long anticipated 30 for 30 has a release date and trailer

Wake Forest football players have got some moves

This is what happens at UTC when you forget your notebook for a meeting

The quote of the day

The best from yesterday:

Video: An FBS athletic director joined the football program for their conditioning test

You’re going to want to watch Terry Bowden get on a roll about momentum

Video: A high school in the heart of SEC Country takes you on a MTV Cribs style tour of their facilities

Video: A head coach jumps into a team workout without any warm ups and his performance blows team away

Western Michigan says its 2016 football season was worth $69 million in media exposure

Wednesday’s One Minute Warm Up